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New group for parents of teens starts October 12, 2016, meeting four (4) times! This is an amazing opportunity for parents to participate in the only program for parents of kids of this age group that is based on attachment theory. It also does not require the teen to be part of the group; the work is with parents only. Please see below for details.

Group for Parents of Teens
Parenting your teen – nightmare or opportunity?
What happened to the well-adjusted, nice kid we had just a minute ago?
Who is this new person called adolescent?

This group will help you to:
1. Strengthen your relationship with your teen
2. Support your teen through the roller coaster of adolescence
3. Take care of yourself throughout the journey

Kids’ transition into teenage years is often hard to deal with for parents: teens become argumentative, throw temper tantrums, engage in risky choices and sometimes show aggression and other behavioral issues. The immediacy and intensity of their emotions and reactions throw us off at times and make it difficult to stay focused and be present and available for them.
It seems like all communication channels and connection between us and our teens have closed. We just don’t understand each other any more.
This disconnection might come at a price: research shows that the more disconnected teens feel from their parents the more they turn to their peers for advice and support; the more they turn to their peers the riskier their choices. This parent group will address the following questions:
1. What can we do to help our teenage kids navigate the storms of this volatile period of their lives and support them on their way to positive adjustment, healthy autonomy, and making appropriate choices?
2. How can we understand what is occupying their thoughts, what is moving them, what is bothering them and what is making them happy; what they want and need to know; and what they need from us?
3. How can we stay connected and deepen our relationship with our teens – a relationship built on trust, affection, and patience?

Your benefits:
1. Learn about adolescent development
2. Develop strategies to keep your cool in critical situations
3. Understand your teen’s emotions and needs
4. Learn how to keep the communication channels open
5. Discover ways to help your teen make appropriate choices
6. Learn about methods to set expectations, limits and boundaries
7. Find ways to take care of yourself

Program description:
This is a strength-focused and future-oriented program. It acknowledges that there is no “right” versus “wrong” way of parenting. Instead, it appreciates that each relationship is different. It aims at stimulating reflection and curiosity, and introduces and generates strategies to strengthen sensitive and effective parenting skills as well as self-care. It is a structured educational and experiential program offering opportunities for hands-on learning and self-reflection in a mutually supportive and collaborative context.

Four (4) Wednesdays: October 12, 19, 26, and November 2, 2016 / 6:15 pm – 8:45 pm 

37 East 28th Street, Suite 201, Room 2
New York, NY 10016

$395 per person / $725 for couples

Please send an email to beatrice@parentingatitsbest.com.

About Dr. Beatrice Kraemer:
Dr. Kraemer is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the State of New York. In New York City, she has a psychotherapy practice emphasizing all aspects of the parent-child relationship. She works with parents and caretakers in all existing family structures on the skills they need to support children in reaching their full potential. Beatrice also offers individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Her work with couples includes therapy and coaching as well as parenting coordination, supervised visitation and transition. Furthermore, she works with individuals, couples and families on all issues around aging, and is also specialized in the relationship between eating behavior and one’s own body.  In addition, Beatrice serves as part time faculty at The New School for Public Engagement, and she is an internationally sought after instructor, teaching developmental and pedagogical psychology, attachment theory and its application, postpartum depression, and parent education classes. She is also a Registered Circle of Security Parent Facilitator, and serves as a School Psychologist consultant at The German International School New York.

Dr. Beatrice Kraemer
Parenting At Its Best
120 East 34th Street, Suite 11G
New York, NY 10016



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