Pre-marriage Counseling

You both said yes to each other - this is exciting! Clarifying marital goals, perspectives and core values before embarking on the journey is an excellent choice to ensure a happy and lasting marriage, civil union, or domestic partnerships. We will proactively identify and create ways for you to work through ups and downs of a long term commitment. We will discuss topics such as roles, finances, career, sexuality, how to spend leisure time, children and parenting. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Being Stuck

Either one or both of you feel unhappy or worn out by your relationship. You feel like you are not heard or understood. What the other person says makes no sense to you. You don't feel emotionally safe. You don't feel appreciated or valued, or you feel the other person does not care. In general you want to stay in the relationship but you just don't know what to do anymore - you feel like you have tried everything. You feeling stuck. I am here to help you guys untangle the situation, find clarity, create ways of healthy and respectful communication, and recreate your mutual commitment. Contact me for a free consultation.

De-coupling, Separation, Divorce

Falling out of love is easier said than done. Fact is: the relationship does not work any more for one or both individuals. Untangling what has been one can be difficult, disruptive, complex and emotionally distressing. As it relates to every part of life, many changes need to take place. Children, relatives, pets, finances, living arrangements, assets, and careers need to be discussed and resolved. I support you in navigating this complex journey. Contact me for a free consultation.