Your child has many milestones to reach. Emotional, social and cognitive development are inextricably interwoven. It is fascinating to see your child develop. Each of these milestones require different skills and aspects of you as the parent. How you parent is also dependent upon the age of the child. The basis of all is a healthy emotional bond between the caregiver and the child. We support you in being the best parent you can be, that preeminently promotes your child’s becoming a happy, responsible person able to successfully cope with life’s challenges and to maintain fulfilling relationships. Contact us for a free consultation.

Some of the most important skills for children to learn are: being able to express themselves, making friends and maintaining friendships, regulating sometimes intense emotions, accept boundaries and rules, negotiating needs and learning how to deal with conflicts. Does your child have trouble in any of those areas, is your child "acting out", lying often, or feels shy or left out? Contact us for a free consultation.


You both said yes to each other - this is exciting! Clarifying marital goals, perspectives and core values before embarking on the journey is an excellent choice to ensure a happy and lasting marriage, civil union, or domestic partnerships. We will proactively identify and create ways for you to work through ups and downs of a long term commitment. We will discuss topics such as roles, finances, career, sexuality, how to spend leisure time, children and parenting. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

We know you want to give your best to raise your child. We help you realize that goal by providing a safe, respectful, warm and nonjudgmental environment in which you can express your hopes, needs and concerns.

Your child will change your life fundamentally – which was the goal. Some parents-to-be are unaware of the extent and depth of those changes. Many parents have benefited from detailed preparation of their pregnancy and parenthood to prevent surprises. Changes are particularly related to the following aspects of your previous life: Identity and understanding of one’s role; work-life balance; romantic relationship; finances; ambivalent emotions around pregancy and parenthood; hobbies and friendships; vacation; living situation; relationships within the extended family. Contact us for a free consultation.

Anger, fear, grief, despair, loss, disappointment, shame, low self-esteem and low self-confidence are sometimes so intense, that it is difficult to endure and deal with them. They affect our quality of life and our ability to attend to our daily tasks. They can translate into a pronounced anxiety disorder or phobia, depression, social withdrawal or oppositional behavior. Identifying emotions, knowing how to express them adequately, and to regulate them are fundamental skills - we help your child learn those skills and deal with those emotions. Contact us for a free consultation.

Either one or both of you feel unhappy or worn out by your relationship. You feel like you are not heard or understood. What the other person says makes no sense to you. You don't feel emotionally safe. You don't feel appreciated or valued, or you feel the other person does not care. In general you want to stay in the relationship but you just don't know what to do anymore - you feel like you have tried everything. You feeling stuck. We are here to help you guys untangle the situation, find clarity, create ways of healthy and respectful communication, and recreate your mutual commitment. Contact us for a free consultation.

There is no parent without a child and no child without a parent. Each is part of a larger system and affects the other. Therefore, we focus on the relationship between each parent and the child. We teach parenting practices that fulfill the child’s natural needs for trust and affection, and that create strong, successful and healthy relationships between parents and their children. Research shows that these early relationships are fundamental in the shaping of all future relationships.