How I Work

Appreciative Environment

I know you want to give your best to raise your child. I help you realize that goal by providing a safe, respectful, warm and nonjudgmental environment in which you can express your hopes, needs and concerns.

Positive Parenting based on Attachment

There is no parent without a child and no child without a parent. Each is part of a larger system and affects the other. Therefore, I focus on the relationship between each parent and the child. I teach parenting practices that fulfill the child’s natural needs for trust and affection, and that create strong, successful and healthy relationships between parents and their children. Research shows that these early relationships are fundamental in the shaping of all future relationships.

Your Family is Unique

While there are universal child development phases and parental challenges that go along with these phases, I acknowledge that no child and no parent is like the other. I make room for individual circumstances and the distinct personal needs of the parent and/or the child.

Focus on the Best to Create the Desired Future

I build on the capacities and strengths that exist within you, your child and your family as a whole.

Using Multiple Ways of Learning and Understanding

Research shows that people bring out their best when using both their left (language, rational) and right (visual, creative) brain. Hence, we don’t just use conventional methods of coaching and teaching. I create desired results employing innovative methods, such as graphic facilitation, professional dramatic techniques, role play, simulations, surprise and, most importantly, humor.